Book review - Childhood disrupted

Has anyone heard of the ACE studies? These were carried out in the 1990's, by Vincent J. Filetti, Robert F. Anda and their colleagues. They explored how adverse childhood events, such as violence, abuse, divorce, loss, emotionally invalidating relationships etc. could affect a persons wellbeing in their later life.

Book cover

There is now a book by Donna Jackson Nakazawa (2015, Atria Books) called Childhood Disrupted - how your biography becomes your biology and how to heal from it.

Nakazawa explores our past contexts and their impacts on our health.

  • She shows the damage that Adverse Childhood Experiences can do to the brain and body. Conditions such as depression, anxiety, chronic illness are she claims, understandable in context.
  • How these invisible changes contribute to the development of disease including autoimmune diseases, long into adulthood.
  • Why some individuals are more likely to be affected by early adversity than others and what helps resilience.
  • Why adversity affects our ability to love, parent and function.
  • Just as important, she explores how we can reverse the effects of early toxic stress on our biology and come back to being who we really are, to avoid carrying forward the pain of our past.

This book is very interesting to many of us, as we try to understand our own experiences and later health and learn how best to heal.

It's reasonably priced and worth a read if you want to understand more about the impact of your history on your present.