Single session Therapy workshop

28th January 2020.

Describe the workshop you attended Kaye.

Professor Emeritus Windy Dryden provided a workshop on single session therapy (SST) today. 

This is described as a mindset, rather than an approach, which can fit in across different  therapy modalities.

Each session is stand alone, with the aim of finding ways forward with the clients issues. The work is not limited to one session, but could be a number of single sessions. In most cases this is not necessary.

It has also been called one at a time therapy (OAAT).

What did you think of the workshop Kaye?

I think it brings many elements of good therapy, such as being focussed on what the client needs and wants from attending; useful questions  to ask and how to get clients ready to make use of the session.  So in some ways it's just a rebranding of what good Therapists already do.... It was a rather long workshop for the material it had to share, but it did provide a chance to think about how we do the essential work and the important ingredients.

Professor Dryden won me over when he responded to a participants question and said if 'I had to choose between having a therapy model and having a human approach, both are important, but I'd choose the human approach everytime.'

What a guy! In a healthcare system rife with dehumanising rules and 'take a number' strategies, we need more human.