What’s New?

In therapy training, there can be a lot of repetition. Some courses promote the same old themes, which doesn’t not help some clients or their Therapists, to progress.

That said, it’s important to heed the phrase – all that glitters, is not gold, when it comes to new 'cures'.

Science is not infallible, but it gives us a basis for weeding out safe from unsafe approaches and helped us to understand how to apply effective therapies.

Future ready

Of course for therapies to be effective, the therapist - client alliance needs to work, but new skills are also important too.

Radically open dialectical behaviour therapy is an approach, just introduced to the UK, by Dr Robert Lynch. This approach tries to help clients who have disorders of over control, such as certain eating disorders, obsessive conditions etc.

Another set of ideas to help substance addictions, compulsions and such like, comes from the work of Dr Robert Miller, who has brought 'feeling state theory and protocols' to the UK.

Miller brings ways to help clients to no longer be activated by past feeling states, so that new habits and patterns can form. This approach has been used with wider symptoms such as depression, anxiety and trauma and OCD.

Many of these approaches come from the USA and take time to percolate through to UK Therapists, but we try to help useful ideas to reach the coal face sooner rather than later.

Watch this space as we discuss new approaches to help our customers.