CBASP stands for - cognitive behavioural analysis system of psychotherapy. This was invented by James P. McCullough Jnr., who is now retired, but has worked to develop this approach for 40 years.


CBASP is validated to help people who have chronic depression. Chronic depression can take several forms, but it is generally defined as depression which persists for over 2 years, with less than 2 months of no symptoms in that time.

Some people suffer a lifetime of depression and standard treatments such as behavioural activation and traditional CBT often do not help them.

CBASP looks at how early development messages have prevented the person from knowing how to interact, to help themselves in life.

It goes on to teach clients a method of addressing current problems that effect their mood, with the aim over time of changing stuck coping patterns.

CBASP is currently seeking recognition in the future NICE guidelines as a therapy for people with chronic depression. 

Treatment is 16 to 20 sessions minimum and the Therapist takes an active role in helping the client to overcome any interpersonal barriers preventing them from using the therapy.

If you are interested in receiving CBASP as a treatment, please get in contact for more information.