Our Customers

We help people with a range of psychological difficulties, including but not limited to -

  • Anxiety, panic & worry of various types
  • Depression including reactive, chronic and bipolar
  • Trauma & adjustment in relation to loss and life events
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Relationship problems
  • OCD
  • Long standing coping and personality issues
  • Confidence problems, low self worth and more ...

Our customers are given the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback at the end of therapy.  Below are some of the ad verbatim comments from customers, who have kindly consented to share their views -

Kaye is so easy to open up to, in such a non- judgemental way. She provided me with strategies to cope and I feel as if she almost gave me permission to accept how I feel without guilt. I now have seen huge improvement in most aspects of my life. (January 2019).

I liked that the sessions were not overly structured, which was nice, because we got to talk about whatever was relevant at the time. It was also nice to discuss a range of techniques to help. (December 2018).

The fact that it's a random house, so its not intimidating to go to helped. Kaye - she's funny! Humour helps make therapy more enjoyable. Completely not what I expected, but very helpful (September 2018).


Everything genuinely helped change my life for the better. (May 2018)

What did you like about attending therapy here?

Very personal. Kaye is utterly fantastic. The sessions have really changed my life. I have both practical and theoretical strategies which will enable me to continue growing... I have felt comfortable with Kaye, You're amazing! (May 2018).

Please give any suggestions for improvement

More drinks available, but I'm being really picky... Honestly everything was great. Less paper - Save the trees!


We love to hear your feedback and take on board the idea of more drinks.  At present we only offer tea, coffee and bottled water. Soya milk as well as dairy is available. We use to offer real coffee, but no one drank it, though it did smell lovely.

In light of this service users helpful feedback, we have started to offer apple and orange juice, cool from the mini fridge.

It is proving a challenge to make the switch to glass bottles rather than plastic, but we are still looking into alternatives.

In terms of paper we do offer to email handouts rather than give paper copies, but resolve to make this option clearer at the start of therapy.

Thanks for your help with these ideas!


What did you like about attending therapy here

Fantastic. I came to this session not believing it was something that could help. Now I am totally converted. It is like emptying a big bag of rubbish. A feeling of relief. (April 2018).

Please state any suggestions for improvement.

Pay Kaye more money and shower her in gifts.


Grateful for your kindness. Yours embarrassed. 


Friendly service. Found it very helpful and was listened to. (April 2018).

“I liked everything about therapy here. It genuinely helped me change my life for the better” (February 2018).


"Kaye is extremely friendly and professional. She hit the nail on the head from the first session. She made me feel relaxed and open. Most helpful and suggested everything for the ‘toolkit’ that is there to refer to, whenever I need it. Excellent service. Thank you.” (January 2018).

“I thought that Kaye was a fantastic listener. Her therapy sessions have taught me to be more confident in myself and to adapt my breathing and thoughts to deal with life when it gets me down and to talk things through, which I would normally run away from. Thanks Kaye for helping me find myself again.”

"I was very sceptical about how therapy could help me after my accident, but Dr Blackburn guided me through the process. I am totally amazed how she was able to help me. I feel like I have my life back. I would highly recommend her to others.“

"I am grateful that I was able to receive therapy. It was hard work at times. Kaye Blackburn combined good humour and support with a systematic and clear approach, which helped me stay on track. I found my inner strength as I went through the process. Thank you for helping me with this... My friends and family have noticed the positive changes I have been able to make.“

"I really liked Kaye. She is really helpful and funny. I felt that I am back to being me. And Kaye explained everything perfectly and I will miss her very much. I enjoyed every session. Thank you and I am so grateful x.”

"Therapist is trustworthy and friendly, understanding and can relate to problems that have arisen. The service is wonderful and thank you. I'm a new man!“

Kaye is very easy to talk to. She was never judgemental and gave excellent life advice, as well as clinical and coping strategies.

Suggestions for improvement -good coffee. 

Comment - Thanks for your feedback. With regard to the coffee, we used to have real coffee, but no one drank it very often, so its Nescafe Gold blend now.