Customer Care

Our service aims to put customer care at the centre of our work. We have an up to date customer care policy in place, which we work to and review at regular intervals. 

As part of this, we welcome feedback from customers, so that we are able to improve year on year as a service.

To provide feedback or suggestions for improvement, please email - Dr Kaye Blackburn on - [email protected] 


We book on a 'first come first served' basis and can accomodate most attendance preferences, in our weekly clinics.

The majority of clients are seen within one week of making contact, without the need to wait. Enquiries are welcome seven days a week.

We provide weekly clinics for most of the year and advertise our opening times via social media and this website.

We see a wide range of clients within our service, but there are some client groups that our service is unable to meet the needs of.

For example, we do not see clients who have body weight issues or where forensic risk is relevant to their care.

And we try not to see clients who we do not feel would get value for money, if there is no suitable validated treatment or if intractable issues, mean that they are unable to benefit from therapy.

Fortunately, most clients who attend here, are able to gain significantly from therapy.

Clients can get in contact, without obligation, for an initial chat, in order to discuss if we are suitable to help them.

Risk Management 

We have transparent policies in terms of managing risk, to help to keep our customers safe and informed. 

Dr Blackburn holds a current enhanced DBS certificate, for working with adults and children.

Our service cannot offer out of hours crisis or emergency provision, but we do help clients to change self harm and risk behaviours over time, using therapy skills building.  We also discuss ways clients can manage their self - care, between sessions.

In an emergency, if you are unable to keep yourself safe, please contact your GP or crisis contacts as pre - discussed or ring 999 or 101.


Our service is registered with the Information Commissioner's office (ICO) and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), taking care of your confidential, personal data.

In case of a customer enquiry, initial contact information, is held for a period of one month to allow people time to decide, if they wish to engage with our service.

If customers decide to attend assessment and therapy or supervision services, we provide full details of our privacy and data protection processes at the first meeting. 


We are insured with Howden insurance group for public liability and professional indemnity. For further details or to view our qualification or insurance proofs, please get in contact.

Environmentally friendly

We strongly value, animal and planet friendly ways of working, as do many of our customers. As a company, we strive to reduce waste and to choose sustainable materials and practices, where possible.

We recycle our ink; offer emailed rather than printed handouts, as an option; use a shredding company for secure shredding who recycles. We no longer provide water in plastic bottles, to reduce our plastic waste, but we offer other refreshment options.

This is an on going process and any suggestions for improvement are welcomed.

As part of giving back to our valuable World, we support earth friendly charities.